Technical data
Type 11-EA
Function experimental
Year 1938
Crew 2
Engines 1*630hp "Conqueror"
Length 8.5m
Rotor diameter 15.4m
Height 3.5m
Wing Span 11.2m
Wing Area -
Empty weight -
Flight weight 2250kg
Ceiling 50m
Maximum Speed 60km/h
360° turn -
Takeoff roll -
Landing Roll 0m
Flight Duration -
Range -

11-EA-PV, TsAGI/ I.P.Bratukhin

TsAGI 11-EA-PV. 17k b/w photo from the "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" Vol.2, p.419

After series of tests the 11-EA helicopter was rebuilt keeping in mind more systematic study of controls. Wing was replaced frame structure supporting control rotors, borrowed temporarily from older models 1-EA and 3-EA. Main rotor blades were of all metal construction.

Systematically studied in 1940- 1941 by engineer-pilot D.I.Saveljev and designer V.P.Lapisov. Performance was good, aircraft was stable and responsive to controls. Tests stopped when the engine worn out.



Sources [6], Vol.2 p.419-420;

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