218, S.M.Alexeev

General Information
Type '218'
Function Attack
Year 1948
Crew 2
Type Dobrynin VD-251
Power at 0m 2000hp
Power on takeoff 2700hp
Length 13.88m
Height 4.1m
Wingspan 16.43m
Wing area 45m2
Weights and loads
Empty 6693kg
Takeoff normal 9000kg
Takeoff maximum 10500kg
Wing load (normal) 200
Wing load (maximum) 233
Power load (normal) 3.3
Power load (maximum) 3.9
at 0m 520km/h
at 2000m 530km/h
Takeoff 520m
Landing 600m
Practical 1200km
Ceiling 6600m
1000m min
Fuel+oil 1200+65kg
Gun Type 2*BT
Position Tail booms
Ammo 2*120
variant A
Gun Type 4*NR-23
Position Fuselage
Ammo 4*150
Salvo (kg/sec) 11.3
variant B
Gun Type 2*N-37
Position Fuselage
Ammo 2*40
Salvo (kg/sec) 9.8
variant C
Gun Type 2*N-57
Position Fuselage
Ammo 2*30
Salvo (kg/sec) ?
Bombs (internal) 600kg
Bombs/Torpedo (external) 1500kg
Rockets 16?
28k b/w drawing from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.360

Project of attack aircraft with vertically movable guns. Firing angle could be from 0° to -25°, allowing continuous firing on same target from horizontal flight. Twin-tailboom layout with pusher propeller provided excellent view for pilot and a lot of room for heavy guns in fuselage. The second crew member (gunner/radio operator) was seated back-to-back with the pilot and operated remotely-controlled defensive turrets on the tailbooms.

VD-251 engine (X-type) had a gearbox driving 2-rotor counter-rotating unit AV-28 (3.6m diameter). New type of armour steel was used.

Aircraft had two parallel control systems (right and left). It retained control in case of heavy damage of any of two.

Project started in 1948. Different sources contradict each other: some insist that '218' was built, while other claim that aircraft was not finished and project was cancelled when S.M.Alexeev design bureau was closed.

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.360
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