Technical data
Type 3M / M-6 'Bison-B'
Function bomber
Year 1956
Crew 7
Engines 4*9400kg VD-7
Length 48.76m
Wing Span 53.14m
Wing Area 350.1m2
Empty Weight 74730kg???
Maximum Weight 203000kg???
Speed 940km/h
Ceiling 14900m
Guns 10*g23mm
Bombs/Missiles 24000kg

3M/M-6 by V.M.Myasichev

12k photo from Monino collection at Infoart Site in Russia (English version);

Modification of the 2M/M-4, with larger wing, new engines and redesigned nose. When ICBM became a major delivery vehicle for nuclear charges, 3M and 2M turned into tankers and patrol aircraft.

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