General Information
Type 4302
Function Experimental
Year 1946 1947?
Crew 1
Type - Isaev RD-2M-3
Thrust - 11kN 13,9kN
Length 7.12m
Height ?m
Wingspan 6.93m
Wing area 8.84m2
Weights and loads
Empty (?) 1750kg
Loaded ?kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Thrust to Weight ?
Speed (km/h)
at ?m - 826 -
Landing ?
Landing ?m
Takeoff -
Practical ?km
Ceiling ?m
1000m ?min
Fuel ?kg

Aircraft 4302 and 4303 by I.F.Florov

4302 N°2, lost source

Works on the "Objects 4302 and 4303" started in 1944, when I.F.Florov was assigned a position of the Aircraft Department N°43 Head at NII-1. Those experimental planes were intended for transsonic speed trials at high altitude.

Aircraft were of all-metal construction. Maximum diameter of cigar-shaped fuselage was 1150mm. Towing hook was installed under the nose. The wing had thickness 13% and laminar flow profile (TsAGI, Svischev). Its tips had 45° dihedral to improve aircraft stability.

4302 N°2, from Stanislav Cerny

The most complex part of the aircraft was the landing gear. First flights were performed with simple fixed landing gear (wheels from the La-5). Later it was replaced by retractable metal ski and tail skid for landing. Simple wielded three-wheeled cart for takeoff. It was released once the ski was retracted.

Only the second (of three) prototypes took of to the air. First flight took place in 1946, 4302 was towed by Tu-2 bomber. Next year powered fight was performed.

4302 N°3 (?), from Stanislav Cerny

According to other sources, the first prototype was flown as a glider with fixed landing gear, second and third made powered flights in 1947, Tests of aircraft were conducted by Heroes of the USSR Pakhomov and Yakubov.

After 20 flights (only one powered) were performed, all tests were cancelled. With progress of turbojet engines, interest in the fuel-hungry rocket powered fighters gradually faded. In 1948, the Aircraft Department at NII-1 was closed. The engine from the aircraft N°3 was used on Mikoyan I-270.

B/W drawing by I.Soultanov from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR",
used for the background on this page.
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.406;
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