Technical data
Type 5-EA
Function experimental
Year 1933
Crew 1
Engines 2*120hp M-2
Length -
Rotor diameter 12.0m
Height -
Empty weight 1047kg
Flight weight 1210kg
Ceiling 40m
Minimum Speed -
Maximum Speed 20km/h
360° turn -
Takeoff roll -
Landing Roll -
Flight Duration 0.7h
Range -

5-EA, TsAGI/ I.P.Bratukhin

TsAGI 5-EA. 11k b/w photo from the "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" Vol.2, p.417

Construction of this helicopter was similar to 1-EA and 3-EA, but the main rotor was radically redesigned (by I.P.Bratukhin). It became a combination of two 3-blade rotors of different diameters: the bigger one had fixed blades, the smaller one was used for aircraft control. Large rotor blades could change pitch all together to provide vertical evaluations. Smaller rotor was the fully instrumented one.

Was flown many times during 1933- 1935, mostly to study behavior of the bigger 'lift' rotor.

One built.



Sources [6], Vol.2 p.417;

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