A-15 glider by O.K.Antonov

Technical data
Type A-15
Function High Performance Sailplane
Year 1960
Crew 1
Engine none
Length 7.2m
Height ?m
Wingspan 18.0m
Wing area 12.3m2
Aspect Ratio 26.4
Empty weight 320kg
Loaded weight 400kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 37.3
Sinking Speed 0.63m/sec
Maximum Towing Speed 140km/h
56k b/w A-15 'Poryv' (Wind Blow) from "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.522;

The USSR was represented at International Gliding Contests for several years by the A-15 and KAI sailplanes.

The prototype A-15 was first flown on 26 March 1960. In 1965 it was presented on the Paris Airshow. It is a single-seat high-performance sailplane, capable of aerobatics, spinning and blind flying.

46k collage of three small photos. Received by e-mail (lost...).

The A-15 is a mid-wing cantilever monoplane, with butterfly tail. Construction and covering - all metal, including the flying surfaces. The oval-section monocoque fuselage marked a departure from traditional Antonov tadpole outline, with a smooth tapered outline aft of the pilot's seat.

The cockpit is provided with adjustable pedals and backseat, sun blind and controllable air intake. Equipment includes artificial horizon, barograph, storage battery, oxygen and water ballast systems, and radio.

The narrow trapezoidal monospar wing has a laminar-flow aerofoil (NACA 643-618 at root, NACA 633-616 at wingtips). The wing, which has 1°30' dihedral, is fitted with slotted Fowler flaps, drooped ailerons and spoilers. Plastics are used for the aileron ribs and wingtip fairings.

The butterfly tail (45° to the horizontal) has a similar control system to that of the A-11 and A-13.

There is shock absorbing monowheel undercarriage with retractable braking wheel and tail bumper. The A-15 can be easily assembled and disassembled.

International records established by the A-15 include:

May 6, 1960 Timiryazev - Mikhailovka - Olganovka 111.358km/h triangular 100km Mikhail Veretennikov
August 18, 1960 Kaluga - Ravkoska (near Stalingrad) 714.023km Goal Mikhail Veretennikov
1962 International Championship, Lezno (Poland) 71.39km/h triangular 500km female pilot

A-11 Amur


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