General Information
Type A-21M 'Solo'
Function Sport
Year 1991
Crew 1
Type Hirth-2706 (Rotax-503)
Power 63(46)hp
Length 4.73m
Height 1.84m
Wingspan 6.65m
Wing area 6m2
Weights and loads
Empty 180kg
Maximum Takeoff 280kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 46.7
Power load (kg/hp) 4.44(6.09)
Maximum 190km/h
Cruising 150km/h
Stall 75km/h
Turn time ?sec
g-Limits +6-3
Required airstrip 100m
Normal 215km
Ferry (Max.Fuel) 466km
Ceiling ?m
at 0m 5m/sec
Fuel, normal 22.5l
Fuel, ferry 54l

Light sporting airplane A-21(R,M) "SOLO" by Aeroprakt-Samara

Photo by Roman Bazalevsky

The light airplane A-21 "SOLO" is designed for sporting and diverting flights, all-tours, patrol. Aircraft was designed within 7 months after 'old' public volunteer design bureau 'Aeropract' (established in 1974) became a commercial firm. Its' success proved that the new "Aeroprakt" is ready to compete on the market of light general aviation. As a result, KB obtained a certificate of designer and manufacturer.

Photos from the article Recalling August (1999)

A-21 construction is based on the single-seater A-11 design. First variant (three built) was powered by RMZ-640 "Bouran" engine. Second batch A-21R with 46hp Rotax-640 engine became the first of "Aeroprakt" product to be exported: two A-21R were sold to Great Britain. Those aircraft are still in service and doing well.

Latest A-21M is serious revision of a design. It became a 100% composite airplane. New matrixes were developed specially for A-21M at AvtoVAZ automotive factory. Fuselage shape was improved, cockpit became more spacious and comfortable. Outer wing panels may be detached for storage in 15 minutes. A-21M passed JAR VLA certification in the Great Britain under new nickname "Viper" in category of very light aircraft, taking into account the corresponding sections FAR-23. Cockpit equipment allows operate A-21M in daylight under good weather conditions.

A-21M "Solo/Viper" was demonstrated on airfares in Russia, Great Britain, Germany France, Italy. It has shown itself to be a reliable, simple and economical aircraft. On American market, it will appear as a kit and ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly).

A-21M at UK-Air

A-11 "Hamlet" None

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