General Information
Type A-25M
Function Multirole flying boat
Year 1994
Crew 1
Type M-337 Walter- Minor
Power at 0m 210 to 240hp
Powerplant (option)
Type Lycoming IO-540-C485
Power at 0m 254hp
Length 7.95m
Height 2.96m
Wingspan 10.6m
Wing area ?m2
Weights and loads
Empty 700kg
Maximum takeoff 1225kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 5.1
Cruise 200km/h (150)
Maximum 260km/h (180)
Takeoff 104km/h
Landing 95km/h
Load limits -2.0g +3.8g
Roll (Land)
Takeoff 290m
Landing 115m
Roll (Water)
Takeoff 400m
Landing 115m
Ferry 1000km (975)
Ceiling ?m
at 0m 4.5m/sec
Fuel 191l (195)
Cargo 400kg (300)
Cabin size LxWxH ?m3
Seats 3
Price $30,000 to $40,000

A-25 and A-25M 'Glory' general purpose amphibian designed by I.Vakhrushev ('Aeroprakt')

133k A-25 photo, courtesy of Sergey Andreev

A-25 composite flying boat was created in Samara by Aeroprakt design bureau (successors of famous designer Almurzin). Mid-wing aircraft with powerful 6-cylinder engine is a high-speed aircraft. First flight took place on November 11, 1994. Hull shape and wheel retraction mechanics were improved during trials.

A-25 is built for use on unprepared runways, lakes and rivers. It can perform takeoff and landing on waves up to 0.5m. Aircraft can be used in rural areas without developed airfields for different purposes:

  • passenger
  • cargo
  • medical aid
  • mail delivery
  • tourism
  • forest fire
  • surveillance
  • ecological monitoring
  • training

The airplane has a comfortable cabin designed by the specialists of VAZ car factory and variable step propeller. Cockpit equipment allows visual flights in daytime, under good weather conditions.

14k photo, A-25M from of UK-Air page

A-25 is built to fulfill the FAR-23 (AP-23) requirements. Aircraft was included into Federal Programm of General Aviation development until 2000. Budget financing of project was promised, but the outcome was a disaster. 'Aeroprakt' received nothing from the budget, and large sums were already invested into A-25 were virtually frozen. Nonetheless, development continued at low pace. A-25 received new engine with variable pitch propeller. This variant is entering international market under designation A-25M.

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