General Information
Type A-1 A-2
Function Trainer
Year ? 1942
Crew 1 2
Length 5.60m 6.23m
Wingspan 10.56m 13.05m
Wing area 15.64m2 16.13m2
Wing aspect ratio 7.13 10.55
Weights and loads
Empty 92kg 160kg
Loaded 164kg 320kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 10.5 19.8
Maximum 70km/h 90km/h
Sinking 1.15m/sec 1.2m/sec
Maximum Towing N/A 130km/h

A-1 and A-2 gliders by O.K.Antonov

42k b/w A-2 single-seater, "Russian aircraft since 1940", p.517

Pre-War Antonov-designed gliders (U-4 single-seater and U-6 two-seater) were revived in peace time as A-1 and A-2. Both had similar simple open-frame construction, all-wooden with wire bracing and fabric covering.

The A-1 was designed for bungee launching and had a detachable fuselage nacelle. Two-spar rectangular wing was of a constant chord. The leading edge was reinforced by ply planking to the front spar. Tail unit was tapered with rectangular controls. Wooden 2-wheel undercarriage incorporated single rubber shock absorber. It was fitted to the fuselage frame and could be replaced by alternative single-wheel one.

Slightly more sophisticated A-2 tandem two-seater was intended for winch launching or aero-towing. It was designed in 1942.

Both gliders have been produced in large numbers. Further development of this class has been undertaken by B.R.Oshkinis (BRO-9 and 11) and at the Kazan Aviation Institute (KAI-6,9,10,11).

U-4, U-6 pre-War gliders BRO-9/11 KAI-6,9,10,11
  • "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.517...518
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