General Information
Type A-4
Function Observation
Year 1933
Crew 2
Type Bessonov M-26
Power at 0m 300hp
Length (fuselage) 6.5m
Length (full) 7.2m
Height 4.0m
Rotor Diameter 13.0m
Rotor Area 133.0m2
Wingspan 6.7m
Wing area 6.2m2
Weights and loads
Empty 1065kg
Loaded 1365kg
Rotor load 10.3
Power load (kg/hp) 4.55
Stall 53km/h
Maximum 176km/h
Turn time 15sec
Landing 3...10m
Takeoff 70...100m
Practical 185km
Flight Endurance 1.3h
Maximum 2000m (4100?)
1000m min
Fuel ?kg

A-4 (4-EA), TsAGI/ N.K.Skrzhinskij

"History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.423

Winged autogiro, development of TsAGI 2-EA. Project started in May 1931. In the early 1932 MAI design group was created to assist TsAGI in blueprints and technical documentation. Aircraft was ready in September 1932. After careful ground tests, first flight took place on November 6.

Dual controls. Rotor was accelerated by the engine before takeoff.

Confidence in success was so high, that small series production started before the prototype was completed. Indeed, tests by NII VVS (A-4 was the first rotary aircraft tested there) (1933) were a complete success, and series build A-4's rolled out of factory (1934).

Special memorial sign was issued to celebrate creation of the A-4.

Thirteen were built at Kiev Plant N°43, and here the lack ends: autogiros were sent one-by-one to different military regiments. There were no pilots with any autogiro training - and all A-4s were crashed in a hasty attempts to fly them.

During Fall 1934 the A-4 was evaluated by the VMF, probably for shipborn role. This project failed to achieve any practical application - autogiros were still too primitive for advanced missions.

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