A-50 S.V.Ilyushin/ G.M.Beriev 'Mainstay'

50k, Photo by Alexej Gretchihine's Dad, from Moscow Aero Show - 1995;

Designation applied to the AEW version of the Il-76, developed by G.M.Beriev team.

(48k)Photo by Brian Lockett at Tushino-96 Airshow;

In early 2000s A-50 entered international market. Assisted by IAI of Israel, the Taganrog ANTK started conversion of three Il-76TD into AWACS A-50E for India. Planes are to be ready in 2005 and are expected to be powered by PS-90A engines.

26k, great photo of A-50 in flight (used to make background on this page) found Sergei Podshivalov's Page. This photo also may be found at Flattop Page by Michael Klaver.

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