A Autogyro A-4, A-7, A-7bis
Aeroflot Air Fleet, the State Aero Transportation Company. Aeroflot Site
AFA Airborne Photo Apparatus, Aviatsionnyj FotoApparat
AGON AviaGruppa Osobogo Naznacheniya
Air Group for Special Duties
AGOS, Section for Aviation, Hydroaviation and Experimental Constructions
(Otdel) Aviatsii, Gidroaviatsii, Opytnogo Stroitelstva
AIR Naming of aircraft in honor of A.I.Rykov, one of the Communist Party acting leaders was typical for early A.S.Yakovlev All were renamed once Rykov was purged by Josef Stalin-Jugashvili AIR-4, AIR-10, and other AIR's
AK Initials of V.L.Alexandrov and V.V.Kalinin team AK-1
AK Aviatsionnyj Kompleks
Aviation Complex
AKAFU Avtomaticheskaja Kachaushajasa Aviatsionnaja FotoUstanovka, Authomatic Scanning Airborn Photo Installation
AMTORG Amerikanskaja Torgorgovlia
American Trade, a proxy company established to trade with USA in 30's
An Initials of Antonov Design Bureau. Now Ukrainian, production base spread all over the CIS; An-2, An-12, An-225
ANT Original initials of Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev bureau; ANT-1, ANT-20bis
ANTK, ASTC Aviatsionnyj Nauchno-Technicheskij Kompleks, Aeronatical Scientific Technical Complex
APO Aviatsionnoe Proizvodstvennoe Ob'edinenie, Aircraft-budding conglomerate
APU Auxiliary Pover Unit (English)
APV 1909 aircraft project, designated after its head A.P.Vernander APV
Ar Initials of Arhangelsky Design Team; Ar-2
ARK Arktichesky, Arctic Recce ARK-3, ARK-4, ARK-5
ASK North Region's Amphibian, Amphibia Severnogo Kraja ASK
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare (English)
AV-MF Aviatcia Voenno-Morskogo Flota, Military Sea Fleet Aviation
Aviakhim Organization in support of Aviation and Chemical (Khimia, Chemistry) readiness.
Among other things named in honour of this (voluntarely, of course) organizations was the aircraft assembly plant, aircraft etc. See also Osoaviakhim.
Aviaotryad Aviation Detachment, Aviatsionnyj Otryad
Aviatrest Aiation Trust, predecessor of Aeroflot