Technical data
Type Accord-201
Function Light amphibian Land based
Year 1997
Crew 1
Engines 2*210hp Teledyne Continental Motors IO-360ES
Length 8.22m 7.97m
Height 3.3m 3.0m
Wingspan 13.6m 13.6m
Wing area 17m2 17m2
Empty weight 1310kg 1150kg
Maximum takeoff weight 2000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 118
Power load (kg/hp) 4.76
Maximum Speed 283km/h 300km/h
Cruising Speed at 1000m 265km/h 285km/h
Economy Speed at 1000m 205km/h 250km/h
Stall Speed 109km/h 109km/h
Landing Speed 115km/h 115km/h
Landing Roll (land) 178m 178m
Landing Roll (water) 330m n/a
Takeoff Roll (land) 250m 240m
Takeoff Roll (water) 285m n/a
Cruise Range (technical) 2050km 2200km
Ferry Range 3000km 3400km
Ceiling 5600m 5900m
1000m 2.7min 2.5min
Fuel 520kg
Cabin size LxWxH 4m3
Passenger Seats 6
Cargo 525kg 685kg

'Accord-201' by E.Maslov, Accord (Avia ltd.?)

(39k) Accord-201 at MACS'97 exhibition, photo by Eugeni Dvurechenskij

Multy-purpose amphibious aircraft with retractable floats, fixed tricycle landing gear and large rear door. Compared to predecessor, passenger capacity was increased to 7 seats. Russian-built engines were replaced with much more powerful and reliable Teledyne Continental Motors IO-360ES. Experience gained with 'Accord' resulted in structural changes (more reliable and technological airframe), introduction of twin fins (to improve low speed control on takeoff and landing).

Aircraft is equipped with complete set of navigation equipment, including autopilot, radio-compass, marker receiver, combined navigation system, radio-altimeter, beacon transmitter, HF and VHF radio station and emergency radio with battery power.

(42k) Accord-201 at MACS'97 exhibition, photo by Eugeni Dvurechenskij

'Accord-201' was flown first time on July 17, 1997.

This plane, due to the modifications, possesses outstanding performance, highly appreciated by all pilots who flew it. Successful flights from water were performed. The plane participated in Moscow Air Shows 1997, 1999. It is included in "Jane's All the World's Aircraft" together with its 'Accord' prototype.


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