Technical data
Type 'Accord'
Function Amphibian Ground based
Year 1991 1995
Crew 1...2
Engines 2*160hp (100hp) D-150A
Length 8m 8.6m
Height 3.2m 3.6m
Wingspan 11.3m 11.3m
Wing area 15m2 15m2
Empty weight 1070kg 930kg
Max. takeoff weight 1740kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 116
Power load (kg/hp) 5.4
Max.Speed at 1000m 260km/h 270km/h
Cruise Speed at 1000m 180km/h 200km/h
Stall Speed 85km/h 85km/h
Landing Speed 95km/h 95km/h
Landing Roll 175m
Takeoff Roll (land) 180m 175m (260m with 100hp engines)
Takeoff Roll (water) 260m n/a
Range (cruise speed) 1150km, 4 passengers 1300km, 3 passengers
Range (economy speed, max fuel) 2000km 2300km
Ceiling 3600m
Fuel 300kg
Cabin size LxWxH m3
Passenger Seats 4
Cargo 370kg 510kg

'Accord' by E.Maslov, Accord (subsidiary of Avia Ltd.?)

'Accord' without floats, from designer's home page

Light multi-purpose amphibious aircraft with 'retractable' floats, which may be raised (by electric motors) for operation from ground airfields. Tricycle landing gear and high-lift airfoil with two-slotted flaps allow to operate from unpaved fields. High-wing twin-engine monoplane of normal scheme was built during period 1990... 1993, quite long because of financial problems, and prepared for flight in 1995. It was demonstrated at Moscow Air Shows since 1991 as a static display.

After removing the seats, aircraft may be utilized as a light cargo carrier. Large rear cargo door allows to drop cargo in flight.

First flight was performed on April 18, 1995. Test pilot Michael Nickiforov performed almost aerobatic flights on it. Despite 'Accord' was intended as an amphibian, it was too underpowered to operate from water. PermAvia D-150A engines proved to be unreliable, providing as little as 100hp instead of 160, even after removing mufflers. They suffered from overheating, electronic ignition was practically inoperable. In addition, failure rate (twice per hour!) was absolutely intolerable. Customers requested larger payload, and 'Accord' was redesigned for imported engines, becoming Accord-201.

Currently, one original "Accord" exists.


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