Technical data
Type AIR-2
Function trainer
Year 1928 1929
Crew 22
Powerplant (1)
Type M-23 'Walter'
Power (hp) 65 60
Size (m)
Length 7.0
Wingspan 8.8
Wing area 18.7m2
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty 403 397
Loaded 646 640
Wing Load (kg/m2) 34.6 34.2
Power load (kg/hp) 10.8 10.7
Speed (km/h)
Maximum at 0m 141 140
Landing 60
Flight Endurance 4.5h-
Ceiling 3534m-
Climb (min)
1000m 8.7 -
3000m 46.0min -

AIR-2, Ya-2, A.S.Yakovlev

AIR-2 photo from "Russian Civil and Military aircraft 1884~1969", p.79

Development of the AIR-1 with radial engine. It was built in two versions with size and construction almost identical to the predecessor.

The first one was powered by M-23 engine. It had plexiglas canopy covering both cockpits and opening sidewards. But the aircraft was too slow to show advantage of a canopy. In addition engine vibration was above acceptable level.

Second version with 60hp 'Walter' engine had performance slightly worser (due to engine drag) than the AIR-1. Four were built and used for training.

Predecessor(s) Modification(s)

AIR-1 Ya-1 VVA-3

AIR-2S Ya-2

AIR-3 Ya-3
'Pionerskaja Pravda'

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.427-428;

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