Technical data
Type AIR-6
Function Proto- type Passen- ger Ambu- lance
Year 1932 1933
Crew 1
Powerplant (1)
Type M-11
Power 100hp
Size, m
Length 8.0
Height 2.30
Wingspan 12.0
Wing area 19.8m2
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty 584 610 620
Loaded 843 900 1000
Wing Load (kg/m2) 42.0 47.3 50.5
Power load (kg/hp) 8.5 9.0 10.0
Speed, km/h
Maximum at 0m 166 162 156
Cruising 140
Landing 65 68 68
Roll, m (sec)
Takeoff 70 (7) 90 (9) 85 (8)
Landing 120 (13) 120 (13) 165 (15)
Turn time (sec) 16 16 17
Range, km
Practical 650
Flight Endurance 5h
Ceiling, m
Maximum 4500 4000 3000
Climb, min
1000m 6.9 6.6 -
3000m 30 29.3 -
Seats 2 to 3 stretcher

AIR-6, Ya-6 by A.S.Yakovlev

AIR-6 prototype, "Sky Corner"

AIR-5 adaptation for domestic M-11 engine at Factory N°39. It was ready in May 1932, flown on September 8 (May?) by Yu.I.Piontkovskij. Passed all trials easily. Designed to comply with popular concept of a "flying automobile", AIR-6 was adopted as short range liaison aircraft. Gained fame as "ispolkomovskij samoliot" (airplane for local executives), AIR-6 was well fit for rural areas with small unpaved airfields.

Series AIR-6 from "Russian Civil and Military aircraft 1884~1969", p.133

Construction - Yakovlev's classic mixture. Steel tube frame of the fuselage carries duralumin skinning on the front section and fabric - on the tail. Wooden 2-spar wings carries ailerons with duralumin frame. Tail surfaces - also duralumin framing with fabric skin.

In 1934 group of four AIR-6 performed flight Moscow-Irkutsk-Moscow (with refuel landings), covering more than 10,000km with average speed 122km/h. Tour finished at Tushino airfield on August 18, during first celebration of the Air Fleet Day.

Group of AIR-6 from Russian Aviaton site

During 1934-36 total 486 AIR-6 were built. Twenty of them were modified as ambulance with room for a stretcher and doctor. In 1937 AIR-6 was renamed in politically correct Ya-6.

In 1939 A.S.Moskalev designed (under GVF order) replacement for AIR-6. SAM-14 also was a high-wing monoplane with fixed landing gear, but differed by cantilever wing.

AIR-6 52k drawing from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.478;
(Colors by Alexandre Savine)



  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.478-479;
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