Technical data
Type An-140
Function Cargo Passenger
Year 1997
Crew 2?
Engines 2*2500hp Klimov / Motor-Sich TV-3-117VMB-SBM1 or
2*2750hp PW127A
Length 22.46m
Height 8.03m
Wingspan 24.25m
Wing area 51m2
Empty weight ?kg
Loaded weight 19,000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 373
Power load (kg/hp) 3.8
Maximum Speed 575km/h
Cruise Speed 525km/h
Landing Speed ?km/h
Runway required 1200m
Range (52 passengers) 2100km
(45min reserve)
Range (46 passengers) 3700km
(45min reserve)
Service Ceiling 7200m
Fuel ?kg
Seats 52
Cargo 6000kg
List Price USD 8.5+ millions

An-140 byV.V.Shishkov (Antonov ANTK)

63k photo, courtesy of Andre Matter

The An-140 is a small, with high mounted wing, turboprop aircraft built to carry 52 passengers or freight. Advanced technologies and 3-months thorough ground/hops trials failed to secure designers from a confusion. Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma with host of guests and journalists arrived to celebrate 50th anniversary of Antonov ANTK on September 12, 1997. An-140 rolled out for maiden flight and started warming up... when starboard engine cooling system failed and aircraft was covered with dense smoke. Takeoff was suspended, and Ukrainian President left the celebration in bad mood. Friday was spoiled...

On same day spare engine was delivered from Zaporozhie (Motor-Sich) and installed. Few days of system checking - and on September 17 Leonid Kuchma was deeply satisfied by takeoff, maiden flight (more than one hour!) and landing of new Ukrainian aircraft.

16k photo, courtesy of Andre Matter

First Pilot A.Khrustitsky, co-pilot E.Galunenko and flight trial leading engineer A.Makian managed even to fulfill part of certification program in this flight! Trials proved good handling of new aircraft and its reliable operation on poorly prepared airfields. Undemanding An-140 may be flown even by pilots with entry skill level. Digital EFIS avionics also makes the aircraft easy to fly.

On April 2, 1999 one of three built An-140 started trial program in Polar regions, to evaluate aircraft behaviour under natural icing conditions. Final certification is expected at the end of 1999, delivery and service operation of first series production - in early 2000.

Production will take place at Kharkov Aircraft Factory (Ukraina) and JSC 'Aviakor' (Samara, Russia). After some doubts 'Aviakor' selected Ukraina-built engines against Pratt&Whitney, and price difference (750,000 USD vs 800,000 USD) does not look a major choice factor. But doors for Canada-built engine remain open, providing extra flexibility for export variants.

12k at Airshow section of Serge Lazukov Web Site

In 1999 - 2000 engines for batch of 8 aircraft are to be delivered.

Yakutia Republic ordered 10 An-140, to enter service in 2000 - 2004 within program of cooperation between Samara and Yakutia. 'TumenAviaTrans company, serving needs of gas/oil industry, also ordered 25 An-140 to the 'Aviakor'. Aircraft carrying few rotating shifts or 6tons of spares and demanding no paved airstrips is very suitable for this 'migrating' industry.

An-140 will be manufactured in Iran (Isfahan, 12 per year), initially - from parts [already delivered] from Ukraina. Payment made by Iranian side (25,000,000 USD) allow to finish certification of the aircraft in 1999. Technology will be transferred gradually. Agreement permits Iran to built only passenger and cargo-passenger variants, excluding any military configurations (there are some conflicting signals about military versions). Reported designations Iran-140, TV7-117SD engines built by Motor-Sich are to be installed.

The manufacturer hopes its aircraft will replace a third of the 3,000 50-seat aircraft currently in service worldwide. Russian market alone can 'absorb' 500 to 600 An-140s. This number includes more than 1300 An-24s that the An-140 is replacing. The aircraft list price is USD 8.5-10 millions, about 0.7 of its western equivalents, such as the ATR-42 or the Fokker 50.

Cargo carrier, flying hospital and executive configurations are planned.


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