General Information
Type An-180
Function Passenger
Year Project started in 1991
Crew 2 + attendants
Type 2*D-27 "Progress"
Power at ?m 2*13880hp
Fuel consumption 14.5 g/passenger/km
Length 43.0m
Wingspan 35.6m
Wing area 127m2
Weights and loads
Empty 42,500kg
Normal Takeoff 67,500kg
Maximum Takeoff 71,700kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 532
Power load (kg/hp) 2.43
Cruise 800km/h
Runway for takeoff
Normal load 1950m
Maximum load 2300m
Range (normal takeoff weight / maximum takeoff weight)
Maximum payload 1800/3300km
175 passengers 2400/3900km
163 passengers 3060/4500km
Maximum fuel and 52/95 passengers 7700/7500km
Cruise 10,100m
Fuel ?kg
Maximum Payload 18,000kg
Cabin size LxWxH m3
Seats (810mm) 163
Seats (750mm) 175

An-180 project by ANTK O.K.Antonov

13k model photo from Soviet-Russian Aerospace Memorabilia

Highly economical medium-size mid-range passenger aircraft. Powerplant arrangement is quite unusual - two tractor turbofans on the tips of a tailplane. Some pictures show An-180 with T-tail and raised wingtips, other - with normal wing and tail, while the engines are attached to toward-swept outer parts of a tailplane.

17k artist's impression from Soviet-Russian Aerospace Memorabilia

Project started in 1991. Original milestones were first flight in 1995 and entering commercial service in 1997. Still in a project stage...

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