An-2, O.K.Antonov 'Colt'

Photo (17k) by Ian Woodrow was found among his Planes and Things;

A biplane transport, used since 1947 with great succes and in many countries, despite its apparent obsolescence. Over 18000 may have been built. The An-2 was used as STOL transport, for training, as firefighting aircraft, as agricultural aircraft, and in many other roles. The An-2 has also been built as floatplane (An-4); the normal wheeled landing gear can easily be interchanged with skis. There is a meteorological version with a cabin in front of the tailfin (An-6), and a An-2F experimental artillery spotter, with a extensively glazed aft fuselage and a slender tail boom with twin fins.
For agricultural purposes a turboprop-engined version, the An-3 (SKh, "Selsko-Khosiajstwennij" = "Agricultural"), was created recently.
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  • Technical data
    Type An-2P
    Function transport
    Year 1968
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*746kW Shvetsov ASh-62IR
    Wing Span 18.18m
    Length 14.24m
    Height 4.00m
    Wing Area 71.6m2
    Empty Weight 3450kg
    Max.Weight 5500kg
    Speed 258km/h
    Ceiling 4400m
    Range 900km
    Load 12 seats, 1240kg
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    More techical information Just a miniature (5k) An-2 on runway. Small, but quite pretty.
    Not a good shot (16k), but i keep it for collection. Here also is a photo (50k) of An-2 with US personel from FLYING THE THREAT
    Sunny day, An-2 at rest (125k)
    48k and 53k, at Sheremeteyvo-I, photos by Paul Nann;
    Modified September 8, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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