General Information
Type An-218
Function Airliner
Year Project
Crew 2 + flight attendants
Type (major) 2*D-18TM
Thrust (static) 2*25,000kg
Fuel consumption 2*9.0 g/passenger/km
Type (upgrade I) 2*D-18TP
Thrust (static) 2*27,500kg
Type (upgrade II) 2*Rolls-Roys RB.211-524H4
Thrust (static) 2*?kg
Length 58.15m
Fuselage Diameter 5.62m
Height 15.6m
Wingspan 50.0m
Wing area 270m2
Weights and loads
Empty (equipped) 90,000 to 91,000kg
Maximum takeoff 170,000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 630
Thrust to Weight 3.1
Cruising at 11,000m 860km/h
Landing ?km/h
Runway required 2900m
Maximum payload 4570km
400 passengers 5100km
350 passengers 6300km
300 passengers 7200km
200 passengers 9400km
Cruising 10,100 to 21,100m
Fuel ?kg
Maximum Cargo 42,000kg
Cabin size LxWxH ?m3
Seats (spacing)
Economy (81cm) 350 to 400
3-class (102/87/81cm) 300
Airframe resource 60,000 flight hours
Annual flight time 3,500 to 4,000 hours
Service 9.5 man-hours per flight-hour

An-218 airliner by Antonov ANTK

19k b/w from "Russian Aviation" site

Project of wide-body Airbus-class airliner for mid-range routes was initiated in 1991. It is the first attempt of the Antonov ANTK to develope aircraft of this class. Special attention was paid to aircraft reliability - the plane was designed according to damage tolerance approach: fatigue cracks were not allowed to cause catastrophic failure between scheduled maintenance inspections.

An-218 design includes solutions, technologies and schemes developed for commercial cargo planes An-124 and An-70. Parts and components of series Tu-204 airliner are used. Production was planned at Ukraina in cooperation with Russian aircraft plants.

22k b/w painting from Soviet-Russian Aerospace Memorabilia

Landing gear construction allows to operate An-218 from same airfield used by the Tu-154M and Tu-204. This expands service area from 19 used by the closest analog Il-86 to more than 50. It is estimated that fuel consumption per passenger per km may be almost half of the Il-86. New aircraft also has to surpass Il-86 and Tu-154M on passenger comfort, cargo handling and serviceability.

11k b/w An-218 model photo from Soviet-Russian Aerospace Memorabilia

Perspective modification include long-range variant for 200 to 220 seats and stretched version carrying up to 400 passengers.

On-board electronics and navigation equipment corresponds to IIIA ICAO requirements. Pilots cockpit has high degree of automatization, flight control and monitoring system includes six multi-color multi-functional displays.

An-218 had technical documentation supposed to be ready in 1991, and first flight was scheduled for 1994. C.I.S. certification was planned for 1995.

Tu-204 An-218-100An-218-200
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