Technical data
Type An-24 An-24RT
Function Passenger Transport
Year 1961 ?
Crew 3 to 5
Engines 2*2880hp AI-24 2*2880hp AI-24
1*900kg RU-19-300
Length 23.5m 25.5m
Height 8.32m 6.3m
Parking clearance 0.86m ?m
Wingspan 29.2m 29.2m
Wing area 72.5m2 75.0m2
Empty weight 13300kg 15048kg
Maximum takeoff weight 21000kg 21800kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 290 291
Power load (kg/hp) 3.65 3.78
Cruise Speed at 6000m 460km/h 450km/h
Landing Speed 165km/h 170km/h
Landing Roll 580m 540m
Takeoff Roll 480...580m 630m
Range (maximum payload) 750km 600km
Range (maximum fuel) 2280km 2930km
Ceiling 9000m
Fuel ?kg ?kg
Seats 48 -
Cargo 5000kg 5000kg?

An-24 and An-24RT O.K.Antonov 'Coke'

A high-wing turboprop transport, designed as a commuter passenger/cargo civil aircraft, but used by some (about 15) air forces too. It was designed to replace aging piston engine Li-2, Il-12 and Il-14 fleet by more efficient turboprop design.

Aircraft may be easily converted from passenger to mail/cargo delivery configuration by removing seats and some cabin equipment. Navigation and communication equipment allows to operate An-24 in day- or night-time, under any weather conditions.

Aircraft proved to be very robust and reliable. It is capable to maintain 3000m altitude with maximum payload and one engine cut off. Unfortunately, exploitation by under-trained crews and ground service in developing countries, as well as violations of ground routine (funds shortages) recently resulted in numerous accident.

In service with Aeroflot since 1962, recently one of the oldest aircraft in passenger fleet carrying almost 40% of civil traffic. Aging planes suffered several crashes, and on March 28, 1997, all were grounded for detailed technical inspection. An-24 veteran fleet is expected to be finally grounded in 2000, when modern replacement aircraft will arrive, including the modern An-140 cousin.

For hot-and-high operations auxiliary RU-19A-300 unit was installed in the starboard engine nacell, modification was designated An-24RT. This engine also serves to supply electricity for ground services, providing independence from ground services.

None ? An-24V and An-24RV with improved engines; Y-7, Xian
Reverse-engineered Chinese version



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