Technical data
Type An-26
Function Passenger
Year 1969
Crew 4...5
Engines 2*2820hp AI-24T
1*7.85kN RU-19-300
Length 23.8m
Height 8.58m
Wingspan 29.2m
Wing area 75m2
Empty weight 14750kg
Maximum takeoff weight 24000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 320
Power load (kg/hp) 4.26
Maximum Speed at 6000m 540km/h
Cruise Speed at 6000m 440km/h
Landing Speed 175km/h
Landing Roll 610m
Takeoff Roll 640m
Ferry Range 2250km
Range with maximum load 980km
Ceiling 7500m
at 0m 3.3m/sec
Fuel ?kg
Seats 40
Cargo 5500kg

An-26, O.K.Antonov 'Curl'

(31K) at Sheremetjevo-I airport, by Paul Nann

Tactical transport, development of the An-24. The An-26 like the An-24RV has an auxiliary turbojet in the right engine nacell, used for high-and-hot operations. The An-26 has a rear loading ramp and decreased number of cabin windows..

The An-26 serves at the same time as medium sized military transport. In addition to carrying cargo, it is equipped with side benches to accommodate troops or parachuters. In recent years, the An-26 has become quite popular for work with relief organizations and freight forwarders in Africa and Latin America. Thanks to the rear loading ramp, the An-26 can operated without much ground support.

Passenger variant can accommodate 40 passengers.

By the year 1983 more than 1000 An-26 were built.


An-50 with four jet engines ??;

An-26 (32k) landing at RAF Fairford, by Paul Nann;
5k ... as it is.

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