Technical data
Type An-2M
Function multi-role utility
Year 1964
Crew 1...2
Engines 1*1000hp ASh-62IR
Length 12.4m
Wingspan 18.3m
Loaded weight 5500kg
Power load (kg/hp) 5.5
Cruise Speed 185km/h
Dusting Speed 150km/h
Landing Roll 100m
Takeoff Roll 200m
Chemicals 1500kg + equipment

An-2M O.K.Antonov

36k b/w "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.398

Improved model of the An-2 easily identifiable by its squared off instead of rounded rudder. It features an air conditioned cockpit, more efficient spray gear, and a greater capacity (1960l against 1400l in previous versions) of chemicals. Agricultural tools are driven by special shaft from aircraft engine instead propeller-driven systems on older An-2Kh.

Main landing gear was also moved forward slightly to reduce nose-over accidents on landing. Engine cowling redesigned to simplify engine service access.

Fuselage structure was lightened, using more recent technologies, fiberglass elements are used. Pilot's cockpit is sealed against penetration of agricultural chemicals. Tailwheel may be fixed in neutral position for cross-wind takeoff. Main wheel brakes control moved from control column to pedals, easing taxi maneuvers.

Certified for use by single pilot. Chemical gear can be removed and aircraft can serve as a general purpose model.

First flight - May 20, 1964. Aircraft is in wide service.




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