Technical data
Type An-2P
Function Passenger
Year 1968
Crew 2
Engines 1*1000hp ASh-62IR
Length 12.74m
Wingspan 18.18m
Wing area 71.5m2
Empty weight 3450kg
Loaded weight 5500kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 76.9
Power load (kg/hp) 5.5
Speed at 0m km/h
Max Speed at 1750m258km/h
Economy Speed 185km/h
T-O Speed 80km/h
Landing Speed 85km/h
Landing Roll (hard and grass runways) 170m 185m
Takeoff Roll (hard and grass runways) 150m 170m
Range 900km
Service Ceiling 4400m
at 0m 210m/min
Seats 12...14
Load (baggage)200kg

An-2P, O.K.Antonov

72k An-2P 'White Eagle' by Pawel Bondaryk, courtesy of LOT Polish Airlines aircraft photos

Dedicated passenger version of the An-2. Unlike transport and agricultural variants, An-2P cabin walls are covered with sound absorbing mats. Built in Poland with new propeller and spinner, weight-saving instruments and equipment.

12 light passenger seats are installed in four rows of three with center aisle. Two foldable seats for children in aisle between first and second rows. Toilet at rear cabin on starboard side. Overhead racks for up to 160kg of baggage, with space for coats and additional 40kg of baggage between rear pair of seats and toilet.

Emergency exit on starboard side at rear. Cabin ventilation by ram-air intakes.


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