Technical data
Type SKhA-1 An-2
Function Agricultural Multipurpose
Year 1947 1948
Crew 2 2
Engines 1*700hp ASh-21 1*1000hp ASh-62IR
Length 12.6m 12.4m
Wingspan 18.18m 18.18m
Wing area 71.5m2 71.5m2
Empty weight 2784kg 3474kg
Loaded weight 4114kg 5250kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 58.0 73.5
Power load (kg/hp) 5.4 5.2
Speed at 0m 250km/h 234km/h
Speed 225km/h at 1700m 253km/h at 1600m
Landing Speed 70km/h 85km/h
Landing Roll 130m 170m
Takeoff Roll 150m 180m
Range 600km 540km
Flight Endurance 3h
Ceiling 4200m 4440m
Cargo or Equipment 1320kg 2000kg

SKhA-1, An-2 O.K.Antonov 'Colt'

44k b/w An-2 "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.390

The first aircraft ordered to newborn Antonov KB was special agricultural aircraft designated SKhA-1. The idea of this aircraft was studied by O.K.Antonov since 1940, and choice of biplane scheme was made after serious analysis of different options.

By the State Order the ASh-21 engine had to be used. But designer was sure that more powerful ASh-62IR will be more suitable. As a result, aircraft was tested with two interchangeable powerplants (each with its own propeller).

First flight with ASh-21 was performed on August 31, 1947 (pilot P.N.Volodin). Trials continued until July 1948. It became clear that with the ASh-62IR engine aircraft became really multipurpose - light commuter transport and passenger functions were obvious.

Major material for fuselage - duralumin D-16T. Fixed landing gear - steel. Wing and controls skin - fabrics (on later versions leading edge has metal covering up to main spar). Mechanically actuated differential ailerons, elevators and rudder, using cables and push/pull rods; electric trim tab in port aileron, rudder and port elevator; full-span automatic leading-edge slats on upper wings provide excellent slow speed safety and high lift; electrically actuated slotted trailing-edge flaps on both wings. Dual controls and blind-flight instrumentation are standard.

Passenger door is a part of 1.53x1.46m2 cargo hatch. Fuel tanks (1200l, 900kg) are in the upper wing.

Normal crew is two, but single pilot is allowed to fly An-2 when no passengers embarked. During winter season An-2 operates on skis. An-2 skis are equipped with pneumatically-controlled brakes.

STOL performance of An-2 suppled Soviet (and World) aviation with capable transport aircraft which can operate at fields accessible only for light aircraft (like Yak-12 or Po-2) with 100...200hp engines. In 1948- 1987 An-2 carried more than 370.000.00 passengers and performed more than 96% of agricultural works.

The Antonov An-2 is well known in the World as a first class work-horse. It is not exactly pretty but it is very functional, and arguably the finest bush plane in the world in its price class.

Over 5,000 built in Russia by 1960. Since 1960 few dozen modified An-2M were built in the USSR.

Since 1957 under license production in China as Yunshuji-5 (Transport aircraft 5). General purpose Y-5N and agricultural Y-5B are also in production. Versions An-2T and An-2R were under production in Poland by PZL Mielec since 1960, now drastically reduced.

Over 11,950 (15,000?) An-2s built by Mielec for domestic use and export to USSR/CIS (10,440), Bulgaria, former Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, former East Germany, Hungary, Iraq, North Korea, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Romania, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, the UK, Venezuela and former Yugoslavia; in 1989, AICSA of Colombia assembled two An-2s from kits supplied via Pezetel.

About 300 are still in service with Russian Air Force, mostly for parachute training. Much more - in civil agricultural, forestry and transportation. None airplane before or since has been able to carry as much into strips as short and be as maintainable and utilitarian as the An-2.








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An-2 'Poliot'

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