Technical data
Type An-38-200
Function Multi-role light transport
Year 1994
Crew 2
Engines 2*1500hp TVD-20
Length 15.54m
Height 4.30m
Wingspan 22.06m
Wing area ?m2
Empty weight 5090kg
Loaded weight 8800kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 2.93
Cruise Speed at 3400...4200m 405km/h
Landing Speed ?km/h
Landing Roll ?m
Runway required900m
(with 27 passengers)
Ceiling ?m
Seats 27
at 75cm seat pitch
Load 2500kg
Fuel 2210kg

An-38 and An-38-100 by O.K.Antonov KB

59k An-38-100 on landing approach, 'Samoliot' 4-5 1997, p36;

Replacement of the An-28 STOL transport. Design work on an updated and stretched version of the An-28 started in 1989. It differs by improved passenger cabin and cockpit comfort and more powerful engines. All capabilities of the predecessor - STOL, operation from unprepared fields, ice or snow are retained. Specially designed low pressure tires guarantee safe operation on any field.

Operation temperatures range is -55°...+45°, air conditioner is a custom option. Passenger cabin may be easily converted into cargo and backwards.

As most of Antonov aircraft, it is joint project of Russian and Ukrainian enterprises. Antonov ANTK (the major manufacturer) and four Russian enterprises form the 'RosAN' association aimed on An-38 production. Main Russian participant is NAPO, based at Novosibirsk;

Experimental (with Allied Signal TPE331-14GR-801E engines) and pre-production aircraft were ready in 1997. First flights took place on June 23, 1994. Because of financial difficulties the certification to Russian AP-25 standards was achieved only in late April 1997. Deliveries had begun with about eight prototypes to be built in 1998.

There seems to be two order from Vostok Avia and Chukotka, for a total of eight aircraft. More interest is claimed by the manufacturer. In 1997 aircraft made a successful presentation trip to dozen of Indian operators.

Cost is 4.5 million US dollars. Planned production rate is 60...100 aircraft per year.

Service intensity is 2000hours/year, technical delay probability no more than 0.02. Ground crew service demand is 4men-hours per one flight hour.


CASA C-212

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