Technical data
Type An-70
Function Transport
Year 1994
Crew 3(+2)
Engines 4*13880hp Progress D-27
Length 40.25m
Height 16.10m
Wingspan 44.06m
Wing area ?m2
Empty weight ?kg
Normal takeoff weight 112,000kg
Maximum takeoff weight 130,000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 2.34
Speed at 0m km/h
Cruise Speed 750km/h
Cruise Ceiling 8600m to 9600m
Fuel Consumption 165g/ton/km
Airstrip demand
Normal load 1500m
Maximum load 1800m
Landing 1900m
30000kg load 5530km
26000kg load 6470km
20000kg load 7250km
Fuel ?kg
Seats ?
Cargo 30000kg
Cabin (L*W*H) 22.4x4.0x4.10m3

An-70, O.K.Antonov

(40k) from Aviation in Ukraina by Vladimir Chekhovtsov;

The An-70 heavy transport is a replacement for the An-12 'Cub'. The first flight was on 16 December 1994 It has same high wing and tail loading ramp that are typical for tactical freight aircraft; a novelty is the use of contra-rotating propfans (with 6 and 8 blades). Landing gear permits to operate An-70 from unpaved airfields (6kg/cm2). Expected resource is 20,000 flights (45,000 flight hours, 25 years service).

Aircraft is equipped with highly computerized control system, allowing quick diagnostics and service. Navigation and flight control equipment corresponds to category II IKAO. Navigator's position is eliminated, with his functions and equipment transferred to the first officer's station. Flight engineer and radio operator stations are also eliminated.

(46k) from lost link; Help in source identification is wanted.

Pressurized cargo cabin has temperature regulator and is equipped with in-floor cargo handling system, which makes An-70 a self-sufficient aircraft that has no need for ground handling equipment.

Program is financed by both Russian and Ukrajnian governments (165 and 65 aircraft planned, correspondingly). Strong competitor to European heavy transport 'Euroflug' (Airbus FLA A-400M Future Large Aircraft). In February 1999 tender for new military cargo plane entered its final stage.

Despite the An-70 was selected by Russian Air Force as the main tactical transport, crash of the only built prototype 11 February 1995 (mid-air collision) and delays with construction and tests of the second one (not earlier than 2000) can lead to lose in favor of A.N.Tupolev Tu-330 (was expected to fly in 2000).

An-12 An-77 export variant An-171
An-70T civil cargo An-70TK passenger/cargo

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