General Information
Type An-74TK-300
Function Cargo
Year 2001
Crew 2
Powerplant (2)
Type D-436T1 (D-36-4?)
Thrust 7600kg
Size (m)
Length ?
Height ?
Wingspan ?
Wing area (m2) ?
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty ?
Loaded 52000
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Trust-to-Weight 0.29
Speed (km/h)
Maximum ?
Cruising 600 to 725
Landing ?
Airstrip demand (m)
Takeoff 1900
Landing 1700
Range (km)
Ferry 5250
2500kg payload 5200
3600kg payload 5050
10000kg payload 2200 (1525??)
52 passengers 3450
60 passengers 3000
Ceiling (m)
Cruising 10100
Climb (min)
10000m ?
Payload (kg)
Fuel ?
Cargo 10000
Cabin size LxWxH ?m3
Seats (prototype) 52
Seats (series) 60 to 68
Cost 12-15M $USA

An-74TK-300 Antonov OKB


New member of the An-74 aircraft made its maiden flight on April 20, 2001, and first official presentation took place in May. Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma was among invited guests. In June 2001, the first international appearance at Paris (Le Bourget) took place.

Certification program (300-400 flights over one year period) will be performed on the series aircraft, which planned to be sold right after the certification. As a first step, a type certification to NLGS-3 Russian national airworthiness requirements is targeted. Later the airplane will be certified to AP-25, an analog of FAR Part 25. The An-74TK-300 would also meet the proposed ICAO Stage 4 noise requirements.


Main difference from earlier series is new position of the engines. On expense of the An-72/An-74 Coanda effect STOL advantages, new machine got higher speed, 20 to 29% improvement in fuel consumption and range. Placing engines in easier reach of maintenance engineers, whose services are, in any case, less in demand.

Capable to carry 10tons of payload or 52 passengers, An-74TK-300 may be converted in one hour from passenger to cargo. Aircraft currently under trials has fuselage of the series An-74. For production, it will be stretched to accommodate 60 to 68 passengers (An-174 or An-74TK-400).

The Progress D-36 engine upgrade differs from earlier versions by the trust reversers derived from one installed on the D-18T.

New on-board equipment was installed, such as the Ukrainian-made SM3301 dual GPS receiver operating in three modes (Navstar, Glonass and two satellite constellations simultaneously). It also holds a BUR-92 flight data recorder that stores 150 parameters. Other innovations include the Orlan VHF radio with 8.33kHz channel spacing, Arlekin long-range HF radio and a G-002M flight management system, which allows the pilots to control the functions of any of the major systems installed on the aircraft.

An-74TK-300 performing at Le Bourget 2001, by Christian H. Kamhaug

Despite aircraft is a designated convertible, its passenger variant will comply to modern demands as well. For example, the prototype features first-class cabin layout with French-built seats arranged four abreast. Or is it Switzerland FAST 'Primo'?

Despite the fuel efficiency was improved, An-74TK-300 still can not compete with An-140 turboprop on regional routes. The later is 1.5-2 times more economical. But better payload, range and speed of An-74TK-300 make it plane of choice for urgent medium range delivery of cargo or people.

Series production of the An-74TK-300 will take place at Kharkov State Aviation Works (Ukraina). Near 300 Russian sub-contractors will supply materials, parts and pre-assembled units for new plane.

Potential market for An-74TK-300 (until 2015 is estimated as 300 machines. 200 to 240 may be sold to Russia, 40 - to Ukrainian customers, near 30 to China and the rest to other countries. Production rate may be as high as 24 aircraft/year.

Aircraft of the An-72/An-74 family remain the only CIS modern mid-range transport jets capable to operate under extremities of the Polar regions and Asian deserts.

TK in the aircraft designation stays for Transportnyj Kommercheskij (??)


An-174 or An-74TK-400

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