Technical data
Type Anadwa VKh Anadwa Salmson Khioni-4
Function light bomber
Year 1916 1917 1921
Crew 3 6 ?
Engines Mono- saupape Salmson
Power (hp) 2*100 2*140 2*160
Size (m)
Length 7.7 8.1
Wingspan 19.1
Wing area 62.0m2
Weights (kg)
Empty - 1280 1300
Loaded - 1930 2100
Wing Load (kg/m2) - 31.2 34.0
Power load (kg/hp) - 6.9 6.5
Speed (km/h)
Speed - 140 140
Ceiling (m)
Maximum - 4000 4400
Climb (min)
1000m - 7.6 7.7
2000m - - 19
3000m - 34 34.5
Endurance (h)
Loaded 3.0 -
Total (kg) 600 650 800

Anadwa, Anatra VKh, Khioni-4, V.N.Khioni

Picture (28k) from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.195. See also 16k 3-view drawing from same source, used to make a background;

The VKh used two Anatra D fuselages, joined by a new wing (still using elements of the Anade wing). Left fuselage was occupied by pilot, the right one - observer. Gunner was located in nacell attached to the center of the upper wing, providing excellent defence. Later crew was increased to 6.

Flight tests started July 9, 1916 with pair of 100hp Gnome-Monosoupape engines. Aircraft was rebuilt - fuselages replaced by those from Anasal, engines by 140hp Salmson's. It was concluded that aircraft may be used as a light bomber, and 50 were ordered to compensate supply shortages of the 'Ilya Mouromets'. Order was signed November 3, 1917 - and obviously was not accomplished.

Summer 1917 - tested on floats, but crashed on August 11.

Technical experts called Khioni-4 "one of the best large aircraft in possession of Russian aviation".

Few built, some after the October Revolution under Bolshevik order.

One of VKh, built in 1917, was restored with 160hp Salmson engines and flown in 1921 by V.N.Khioni himself from Odessa to Moscow for evaluation flights. Tests were quite successful, but aircraft did not get into production - may be due to its weird design.

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.194-196;

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