General Information
Function Utility
Year 1998
Crew 1
Engines 2*?hp Pratt&Whitney Klimov PK206C
Fuel consumption (kg/km)
Economy 0.89 0.93
Cruise 0.97 0.98
Max.speed 1.23 1.29
Length ?m
Height ?m
Rotor radius ?m
Disc area ?m2
Empty weight ?kg
Weights & Loads
Loaded weight 3000kg 3300kg
Power load (kg/hp) ? ?
Speed (km/h)
Economy 140 140
Cruise 238 238
Maximum 290 280
Range (km)
Transport 540 520
SAR 210 190
Patrol 380 380
Ferry 620 -
Flight Endurance (h) 1.8 to 2.9
depending on role
Ceiling (m)
Hovering 2700 1800
Dynamic 6000 5500
Fuel ?kg
Seats 9
Cargo 1000kg 1300kg
Cabin size 1.8x1.3x1.65m3

'ANSAT' (Ethereal) light helicopter by Kazan Helicopter Plant

18k photo from ANSAT page

In 1994, a Kazan Helicopter Plant technical team was assigned the task of designing light multipurpose twin-engine helicopter. Scientific research and experimental design work began in order to create a new helicopter designated "ANSAT" in accordance with both domestic aircraft regulations, AP-29, and the international standards set out under FAR-29.

The use of modern design and management methods led to:

To ensure price competitiveness and low operating costs, both modern and traditional helicopter technologies and materials have been effectively employed. Design features of ANSAT provide for optimum ease of manufacture, minimal cost of production, and meeting of user requirements.

Assisted by other enterprises specializing in aircraft design, the Design Team of Kazan Helicopter Plant has given ANSAT a load-lifting capacity equal to 1-1.3t, maximal take-off weight of 3.3t, and the ability to carry up to 9 passengers.

In choosing the two Pratt&Whitney/Klimov PK206C engines, a high level of engine efficiency and reliability is employed. In this way, the competitive engine price will be suitable for domestic as well as foreign consumers, and overall, ANSAT will be substantially cheaper than similar Western manufactured helicopters.

Helicopter ANSAT is designed for in following service versions:

? Tandem trainer, looking like a light strike helicopter

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