Technical data
Type ANT-20
Function propaganda
Year 1934
Crew 10
Engines 8*900hp Mikulin M-34FRN
Wing span 63m

ANT-20 "Maksim Gorky", A.N.Tupolev

Photo (36k) from Alexej Gretchihine's Russian Aviation Milestones;

The ANT-20 was a giant eight-engined propaganda monoplane, developed from the TB-4. The ANT-20 carried 72 passengers. It also carried a bar and buffet, film processing lab, and a movie theater, besides a laundry, a pharmacy and a printing press. This indicates that it was used above the more remote areas of the USSR, places that still did without the blessing of civilization. It was also fitted with loudspeakers.

Lost in accident after pilot of escorting fighter started to loop around the wing and crashed into it. Its replacement was ANT-20bis;

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