Technical data
Type ANT-29, DIP
Function fighter
Year 1935
Crew 2
Engines 2*750hp M-100
Length 11.1m
Wingspan 19.19m
Wing area 56.8m2
Empty weight -
Loaded weight 4960
Wing Load (kg/m2) 87.5
Power load (kg/hp) 3.2
Speed (0m) 296km/h
Speed (4000m) 352km/h
Climb to 3000m 5.6min
Climb to 5000m 9.6min
Ceiling -
Guns 1*g102mm DRP
1*mg7.62mm ShKAS

ANT-29, DIP by A.N.Tupolev, P.O.Sukhoj

14k b/w drawing of ANT-29 (by I.G.Sultanov) from History of aircraft construction in the USSR, Vol.2 p.11

Development of the MI-3D/ANT-21bis type, fighter with absolutely unique armament. It was armed with a twin recoilless 102mm cannon DRP designed by L.V.Kurchevski. To eliminate the recoil, a weight was ejected by a nozzle fitted below the tail.

During design stage VVS revised (at least once) demands to aircraft armament (four 7.62mm machineguns) and speed (375km/h). Final TTT were settled only in December 1932.

Construction started on June 1, 1933. ANT-29 was ready to fly in January 1935. First takeoff was done by S.A.Korzinschikov on February 14, flights continued until March 28. The aircraft inherited all problems of its predecessor, and failed to pass factory tests. This was one of three reasons why the State acceptance trials, scheduled for first half 1936 never took place.

Another cause of DIP cancellation was that the large caliber slow-firing gun was quite non-practical as an airborne weapon. Plus DRP completely lost its value with introduction of RS-82 rockets, which could be accommodate on any fighter without major modifications of the aircraft.

Moreover, DRP development was terminated together with its designer - L.V.Kurchevski was purged by Stalin regime.

No mass production.

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