Technical data
Type ANT-42
function heavy bomber
year 1936
crew ?
engines 4*890hp Mikulin M-34FRN
1*750hp M-100
Wingspan 39.01m
Wing Area 188.68m2
Length 23.59m
Take off weight 24000kg
Speed at 8000m 403km/h
Ceiling 10,800m

ANT-42, A.N.Tupolev/ V.M.Petlyakov

Predecessor of the Pe-8/TB-7.

The project was launched in 1934 in response to specifications requesting for strategic four-engine bomber with optimal altitude 8,000m. Technical requirements were settled after long debates between TsAGI and VVS:

The aircraft took off on December 27, 1936. Later (1937) the fifth engine was fitted in central fuselage to drive the centralized supercharger. This solution was also used on the second prototype.

Production Pe-8/TB-7 did not inherit this oddity thanks to new powerplant became available.

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