Technical data
Type 103V '60' ANT-60
Function Bomber
Year 1941
Crew 4
Engines 2*1330/1700hp M-82
Length 13.71m
Wingspan 18.8m
Wing area 48.52m2
Empty weight 7335kg
Loaded weight (no bombs) 10343kg
Loaded weight 11773kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 211
Power load (kg/hp) 3.0
Speed at 0m 460km/h
Speed at 3800m 528km/h
Landing Speed 152km/h
Landing Roll 640m
Takeoff Roll 516m
Turn time ?sec
Range 2000km
Ceiling 9000m
5000m 10.0min
Guns 5 defensive 7.62mm ShKAS
2*20mm ShVAK in the wing roots
Bombs 1000kg inside
2000kg externally (overload)
Rockets 10*RS-132

103V, '60', ANT-60 by A.N.Tupolev/ STO-3/ OTB

53k b/w "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.170

Third prototype of the Tu-2 series. When production of the '103U' was cut out by AM-37 engine cancellation, team had to look for new powerplant. The only engine of similar power was twin-radial M-82.

Defensive armament was increased to five ShKAS machineguns in same three positions as on the predecessor 103U.

Design was revised and became more technological, number of joints was decreased and whole assembly procedure was revised. Cuts were made even on total length of electric wiring. But major weight savings came from aircooled engines. Lighter M-82 did not require heavy (and vulnerable!) cooling system. Weight savings (500kg) allowed to increase maximum bomb load to 3000kg.

The '103V' State Acceptance trials started on December 15, 1941. Defective engines were acquired, what resulted in awful long trials period... And there were finished only with first production Tu-2-2M82 ('103VS'), production number 100308. This happened on August 22, 1942. But already in March 1942 aircraft got new designation Tu-2 and became the first of the 'Tu' family, honoring his creator. A.N.Tupolev was no more 'Enemy of The people'.


'103U' '59' ANT-59

'103VS' Tu-2-2M-82
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.169-170;
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