Technical data
Type Tu-2D '62' ANT-62 (100714)
Function Long Range Bomber
Year 1944
Crew 5
Engines 2*1460/1850hp ASh-82FN
Length 14.42m
Wingspan 22.06m
Wing area 59.05m2
Empty Weight 8316kg
Loaded Weight 12290kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 209
Power load (kg/hp) 3.3
Speed at 0m 465km/h
Speed at 5600m531km/h
Landing Speed 142km/h
Landing Roll 610m
Takeoff Roll 480m
Range 2790km
Ceiling 9900m
5000m 11.8min
Guns 3 defensive 12.3mm UBT (195rpg)
2*20mm ShVAK in the wing roots (150rpg)
Bombs 1000kg inside
plus up to 3000kg externally (overload)

ANT-62, '62', Tu-2D by A.N.Tupolev/ STO-3/ OTB

The second (long nose) Tu-2D, Aircraft 100714 (52k b/w);
"History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.174

A Tu-2S long range variants (Number 100714 and 100718). Wingspan of both was substantially increased, additional fuel tanks installed in the wings. Tailplane span was also increased to 5.7m.

The second variant (picture above) had also increased crew (co-pilot added), extended redesigned nose (by 0.6m) containing navigator's seat. '62' could carry up to 4000kg of bombs, maximum caliber 3000kg.

Trial conclusion was that Tu-2D is superior against major USSR long-range bombers Il-4 and Yer-2.

I.Soultanov drawing from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.174

Tu-2S '61' ANT-61

Tu-2D '65' ANT-65


Tu-8 '69' ANT-69

Tu-2D '67' ANT-67

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.175;
  • More Tu-2 modifications

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