Technical data
Type SDB '63' ANT-63
Function High Speed Daytime Bomber
Year 1944
Crew 2 3
Engines (2)
Type AM-39 AM-39F
Power normal 1500hp 1500hp
Power takeoff 1870hp 1885hp
Length 13.2m 13.6m
Wingspan 18.86m 18.8m
Wing area 48.52m2 48.8m2
Empty weight 7787kg 8280kg
Loaded weight (no bombs) 10100kg 10925kg
Loaded weight 11800kg 11850kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 208
Power load (kg/hp) 2.7
Speed at 0m 527km/h 547km/h
Speed at 6600m 645km/h 6800m 640km/h
Landing Speed - 156km/h
Takeoff Roll 470m 535m
Range 1830km 1530km
Ceiling 10000m 10100m
5000m 7.45min 8.7min
Guns 2*20mm ShVAK in the wing roots 2 defensive 12.3mm UBT
2*20mm ShVAK in the wing roots
Bombs 1000kg inside
plus up to 2000kg externally (overload)
1000kg inside
plus up to 3000kg externally (overload)

ANT-63, '63' SDB by A.N.Tupolev/ STO-3/ OTB

The first variant of SDB (rebuilt '103'),
"History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.172

There were two different SDB aircraft of Tu-2 family. Both were built in 1944, during 'quest' for daytime high speed bombers.

First one was old good '103' re-engined with AM-39 engines. It was converted into two-seater - pilot and navigator. All machineguns (nose-mounted and defensive) deleted.

First flown by A.D.Perelet on May 21, 1944. Speed and climb characteristics were excellent, but VVS did not accept absence of defensive armament.

The second variant of SDB (based on series Tu-2S),
"History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.172

Other variant with AM-39F engines was based on series Tu-2S. Central wing section was modified, landing gear was converted into single-strut instead of the 'fork'-type used on other Tu-2. Crew was increased to three (gunner is back), armored seats returned as well as two UBT defensive machineguns.

Aircraft was ready on October 14, 1944. Joint trials (Factory and State Acceptance) continued well after Germany capitulation and ended on June 30, 1945. Despite increased weight (by 800kg compared to the first SDB) and slightly degraded performance, aircraft was well suited for production. The only suggestion was to improve navigator's sight.

SDB was and intermediate variant, and was put aside because more radical and promising Tu-10 was already undergoing trials.


'103' '58' ANT-58

'61' ANT-61 Tu-2S

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.172-173;
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