Technical data
Type ASK
Function Passenger amphibian
Year 1935
Crew 1 or 2
Engines 1*480hp M-22
Length 15.0m
Height ?m
Wingspan 20.8m
Wing area 66.4m2
Empty weight 2450kg
Loaded weight 3450kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 52
Power load (kg/hp) 7.2
Speed at 0m 215km/h
Cruising Speed at ?m 160km/h
Landing Speed 95km/h
Landing Roll 170m 9sec
Takeoff Roll 300m 20sec
Range 700km
Flight Endurance 4hmin
Ceiling 4100m
1000m 7.0min
2000m 16.0min
3000m 28.4min
4000m 45.0min
Fuel+Oil 400kg
Seats 6
or Cargo (600kg)

ASK by V.Ya.Krylov, I.M.Zharnylski, G.I.Bakshaev and L.S.Vilgrube

54k b/w ASK from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.585

Original catamaran flying boat of wooden construction with single M-22 engine installed above the wing. Landing gear (retractable backwards) was attached to inner side of the hulls. Each hull has enclosed compartment for three passengers. Pilot's cockpit (open on the prototype) was located in small nacell on the wing center. Three tailfins were installed. Two-step hulls had 3 to 8mm thick plywood skin. Two-spar wing had plywood skin in the center and on outer panels - fabric.

Aircraft was built in Leningrad within GVF system. Intended for operations in Northern regions (so the ASK designation), it was designed and assembled in period 1933- 1935, and flown first time in Spring 1935 by pilots B.V.Glagolev and P.P.Skarandaev. ASK was flown on skis (from the ice), on wheels and from the water. Single minor accident involved broken landing gear.

In October 1936 ASK was damaged by flood. Pre-service continued after repair, but Autumn 1937 flood turned fatal for the project...

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  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.341-342;
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