Technical data
Engines Two Wright R-2600-A71-3 Double Cyclone engines,
1500hp each for takeoff
1275hp at 12,000 feet.
Length 47 feet 10 inches
Wingspan 66 feet 0 inches
Wing area 599 square feet.
Weights 13,961 pounds empty
19,741 pounds loaded.
Maximum speed 309mph at 14,000 feet.
Design range 1200miles with a 2100 pound load.
Armament Three 0.30-inch flexible machine guns in nose
top turret
an aft position portable between waist and ventral locations
Two fixed 0.30-inch guns in each wing (optional)

B-25 Mitchell, North American (USA) (NATO 'Bank')

862 of this medium bomber were lend-leased to the USSR.

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