Technical data
Type B-5, '5'
Function Experimental
Year 1945
Crew 1
Engines 1*?kg RD-2M3BF
Length 11.2m
Wingspan 6.6m
Wing area 19.87m2
Empty weight 1700kg???
Loaded weight 1900kg???
Wing Load (kg/m2) 95.6
Maximum Speed (1200km/h) calc.

B-5, M.R.Bisnovat

27k b/w drawing, courtesy of Sergey Andreev;

Experimental rocket-engined aircraft. The B-5 had a bullet-shaped fuselage and swept wings. It was carried into the air by a mother aircraft, and landed on skis. Two were built, but no powered flights believed being ever made.

Similar layout will be used two years later by USAF Bell X-1 to break sound barrier.

Flown in 1945.

Modified February 10, 1999
with help of Sergey Andreev;
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