Technical data
Type B-5
Function Passenger
Year 1947
Crew 2
Engines 2*420/550hp AI-26GRF
Rotor diameter 2*10.0m
Length ?
Width (with rotors)?
Empty weight 2932kg
Loaded weight 4032kg
Rotor (disk) load 25.7
Power load (kg/hp) 3.5
Maximum Speed 236km/h
Static Ceiling 2280m
Dynamic Ceiling 6400m
Range 595km
Seats 5

B-5, OKB-3/ MAI, I.P.Bratukhin

The B-5 helicopter. 24k b/w photo from the "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.437

Passenger (5 seats) development of the G-4 and G-3 powered by supercharged version of the AI-26GR engine, using same gearboxes.

Instead of tube frame supporting the engine-rotor blocks, a straight wing was installed. In flight it provided 25% of a lift force, unloading main rotors.

Helicopter was flown, but tests were not completed. The reason was that there were no serious plans to use experimental aircraft (as helicopters were at the time) for passenger traffic.


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