Technical data
Type Be-12
Function ASW
Year 1961
Crew 5-6
Engines 2*4190hp G.A.Ivchenko AI-20D
Wing Span 29.71m
Length 30.17m
Height 7.00m
Wing Area 105.00m2
Empty Weight 21700kg
Max. Weight 31000kg
Speed 612km/h (608km/h)
Ceiling 11580m (11280m)
Range 4000km (7500km)
Armament 3000kg

Be-12 / M-12 Chaika, G.M.Beriev 'Mail'

At the Monino AF Museum near Moscow; Photo (16k) by Alexej Gretchihine;

A urboprop-engined amphibian. The Be-12 is one of the last amphibians in military service. The Be-12 traces its origins back to the Be-6, but inherited little more than the concept of its gull wing and twin oval tailfins.

Initially its role was ASW patrol, but when newer missiles enabled the USN submarines to stay further away from the coast, the Be-12 was converted to the Search & Rescue role (Be-12PS). Small numbers are still in service.

(48k) found at Roy Cochrun's ever changing and never same Page;

The Be-12 is also operated by Vietnam, and for some years a number operated in Egyptian colors, but under Soviet control. The M-12 is AV-MF designation.

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