Technical data
Type Be-42
Function sar
Year 1989
Crew ?
Engines 2*15000kg Soloviev D-30KVP
2*2000kg RD-60
Speed 760km/h
Range 5500km

Be-42 / A-40 Albatros, G.M.Beriev 'Mermaid'

Full-size photo may be found at Sergei Podshivalov's Page

Large jet-engined amphibian. The Be-42 is rather an unique aircraft, with its high-aspect ratio, slightly swept wings, slender fuselage, and booster engines faired in beneath the main engines. It seems to have no production future, but G.M.Beriev Bureau is selling smaller, civil developments.

For years, A-40 program was frozen by luck of funds.

According to G.Panatov (head of the Taganrog ANTK), in the October 2001 Russian Defence Ministry became interested in the A-40 again: Beriev's jet may fulfill all ASW goals recently served by outdated Be-12 and Il-38.

(19k) at the Woodford Aeroshow by Paul Nann, used as a background on this page;
Be-40 maritime patrol version;
Be-200 amphibian version;

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