Technical data
Type BI
Function fighter
Year 1942
Crew 1
Engines 1*1100kgD-1A-1100
or 2*? ramjets
Speed 990km/h
Wing Span 6.48m
Length 6.40m
Height 2.06m
Wing Area 7.00m2
Empty Weight 790kg
Max.Weight 1683kg
Range 2 minutes power endurance.
Armament 2*g20mm

BI-1/.../BI-7, A.Ya.Bereznyak/ A.M.Isaiev

At the Monino AF Museum near Moscow; Photo (56k) by John Sloan;

Rocket-engined fighter, a small straight-wing aircraft. The BI was the world's first rocket-engined fighter, ever flown. This flight took place May 15 1942, on the second BI designated BI-2 (BI-1 was used only as a glider to check handling during landing).

Photo (24k) from Air Force Herald magazine article;

First tests were quite promising, and pre-production series for army tests was started. When test-pilot G.Ya.Bakhchiwandgi crashed on the BI-3 due to revealed serious handling problems, production was 'frozen'. Nevertheless, few BI's were finished and experiments continued.

Rocket powered flight of BI was too short, so the BI-6 was fitted with ramjets on wingtips. Aircraft was tested in wind tunnel TsAGI-101 (Spring 1944), but did never fly.

Photo (28k) from Air Force Herald magazine article;

The BI-7 (slightly different from BI-6 by wing shape and added ramjet starters) was flown in 1944, revealing dangerous vibration in tail section. To study this problem BI-5 and BI-6 were rebuilt to the same configuration as BI-7, and flown as gliders tagged by B-25J. No vibration or other problems obtained. Those tests were last ones, because this program was 'folded' (Russian term for cancelled).

BI-5 was tested with ski landing gear, BI-6 - with traditional wheels.

Eight built.

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