Technical data
Type BIS-1
Year 1910
Crew 1
Engines 1*15hp Anzani
Length 8.0m
Wingspan 8.0m
Wing area 24m2
Empty weight 180kg
Loaded weight 250kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 10.4
Power load (kg/hp) 16.0

BIS No.1, F.I.Bylinkin, V.V.Iordan, I.I.Sikorsky

(190k b/w) Igor Sikorsky at the controls of his BIS-1
Courtesy of Carl J. Bobrow and the National Air and Space Museum;

The first aircraft of trio Bylinkin, Iordan, Sikorsky, so BIS. Powered by two cylinder 15hp Anzani engine. Used for taxi tests (April 1910) but was too underpowered to fly. Direct predecessor of BIS No.2.

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