PTAB-2.5-1.5 anti-tank bomb, I.A.Larionov

Hollow charge bomb. Designation 'PTAB' stays literally for Anti-Tank Aviation Bomb, ProtivoTankovaja AviaBomba. Its weight was 1.5kg, but it was fitted in standard 'body' of light 2.5kg aviation bomb. Normally they were housed in the KMB, 48 in each, and were released at once to cover large area.

For example, the Il-2 'Sturmovik' carried four such cassettes in its armored wing bomb bays (not 'beneath' the wing, as written in many sources). When all 192 PTABs were released from 70 to 100m altitude, practically all tanks on the 15x70m2 area were hit. PTAB charge could penetrate armor up to 70mm. Since German tanks used gasoline, it could take single PTAB to burn into engine section and bring tank to flames. Explosion of fuel tanks frequently resulted in ammo detonation...

First use - Oriol-Kursk sector battle in July 1943. On July 2 group of eight Il-2 (Captain M.I.Smilskij, 1st Guard Assault Division) performed five runs over about 70 German tanks poised for attack, dropping no less than 1200 PTABs. Fifteen machines were set afire.

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