Technical data
Type Che-2 (MDR-6A)
Function reconnaissance
Year 1939
Crew 5
Engines 2*821kW M-63
Wing Span 19.40m
Length 15.73m
Height 4.30m
Wing Area 52.30m2
Empty Weight 4100kg
Max.Weight 7200kg
Speed 360km/h
Ceiling 9000m
Range 2650km
Guns 1*mg12.7mm
Bombs 1000kg

Che-2, MDR-6, I.V.Chetverikov 'Mug'

Twin-engined flying boat, first flown in 1937 and used until the '50s. The Che-2 (named MDR-6 until 1941) had a high-set, slightly gulled wing, with stabilizing floats on the wingtips, that were retractable on some models. Later models had V.Ya.Klimov M-105 engines and even M-107 engines.

Successful competitor of the Beriev MDR-5

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