DAS-2M light autogiro

General Information
Type DAS-2M
Function Experimental
Year ?
Crew 1
Type 2-stroke 2-cylinder 700cm3, opposite type
Power ?hp
Size (m)
Length 3.3
Height ~2.5
Rotor diameter 6.6
Rotor area (m2) 34.2
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty ?
Loaded ?
Speed (km/h)
at 0m ?
Range (km)
Practical ?
Ceiling (m)
Practical ?
Fuel 8l

Моделист-конструктор 12.1993

Light jumping autogiro. Frame - steel tubes, wheel struts - titanium alloy. Pusher propeller made of wood, main rotor - composite of fiberglass spar, polystyrene foam filler and fiberglass skinning. Each blade carries a trimmer, adjustable on the ground. Rudder and tailfin have wooden spars and plywood ribs, covered with fabric. Tailplane (0.25m2) is flat, made of plywood. It also serves as a screen of the pusher propeller.

Rotor position is controlled by the stick, rotor acceleration clutch - by the lever on the control stick head. Rudder is controlled by pedals.

Landing gear - of tricycle type with small protection wheel under the rudder. Nosewheel is steerable, linked to the rudder pedals. Main wheels have drum-type parking brakes. For winter operation, skates or skis may be fitted, as well as floats for operation from water.

Instruments include speed indicator, altimeter and slide indicator (linked to the pilot tube), rate indicators for main rotor and pusher propeller.

During winter DAS-2M may be installed on skates (to operate from the ice) or 1.55x0.2m2 skis for snow. To operate from water 500l single float was designed.

  • Article in Russian from Моделист-конструктор December 1993
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