Technical data
Type DB-2, ANT-37
Function long-range bomber
Year 1935
Crew 3
Engines 2*800hp M-85 (K-12)
Length 15m
Height ?m
Wingspan 31m
Wing area 85m2
Empty weight 5800kg
Maximum Takeoff weight 11500kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 135
Power load (kg/hp) 7.18
Speed at 0m 301km/h
Speed at ?m 342km/h
Takeoff roll 970m
Range 5000km
Ceiling ?m
Fuel ?kg
Guns ?
Bombs 1000kg

DB-2, ANT-37 by P.O.Sukhoj (A.N.Tupolev KB)

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Long range bomber, two-engine development of DB-1 (ANT-36). Project started in 1934 by P.O.Sukhoj team under general supervision of A.N.Tupolev. The aim was a bomber with 5000km range, capable to carry 1000kg of bombs at speed 250km/h. Aircraft had new glazed for nose (navigator's workplace), wing nacells containing radial engines and retractable landing gear. Large tailfin and tailplane were rounded, unlike ones of the predecessor.

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Assembly began on January 1 1935. First aircraft was ready on June 16, 1935. Four days later tailplane vibrations resulted in fuselage desintegration right behind the wing. Pilot K.K.Popov and senior engineer M.M.Egorov bailed out safely, but electrician was killed in crash. Investigations revealed a manufacturing defect in the tailplane adjustment system. Crash resulted in new aircraft design and manufacturing regulations: every new aircraft with speed exceeding one of predecessors should be inspected carefully on flatter and buffeting.

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The second DB-2D ('Dubler') was under construction in parallel with trials. On January 4 (1935) P.O.Sukhoj presented to TsAGI technical commetee a report on the DB-2 assembly. After crash of the first DB-2, wing roots and fuselage were strengthened (without much change in weight). It was flown tested at NII VVS in 1936. Aircraft fell short on speed, and bombload of 1000kg (good for 1934) was considered too low in 1936 long range bomber.

DB-2 was not accepted for production as a bomber. Instead, it was decided to use its design as a base for record-setting aircraft.

drawing from Virtual Aircraft Museum, used as a background for this page;
DB-1 ANT-36
ANT-37bis DB-2B 'Rodina'

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