Technical data
Type DB-LK
Year 1940
Crew 4
Engines 2*950hp Tumanski M-87B
Length 9.78m
Height 3.65m
Wing Span 21.6m
Wing Area 56.87m2
Empty Weight 6004kg
Maximum Weight 10672kg
Speed at 5100m 488km/h
Ceiling 8500m
Range 2900km
Guns 6*mg7.62mm
Bombs 1000kg

DB-LK by NIAI, V.N.Belyayev

The DB-LK was a flying-wing long-range bomber design. It had a very deep wing center section, which connected the two fuselage nacells. Each nacell had with a radial engine in the front, a cockpit and a glazed rear end for a gunner. The T-type tail unit was fitted to the center of the trailing edge. The outer wing panels tapered sharply and had slight forward sweep.

The more conservative Il-4 was preferred, DB-LK did not enter production;

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