Technical data
Type DI-4
function fighter
year 1932
crew 2
engines 1*600hp Curtiss Conqueror
Wing Span 12.00m
Length 7.80m
Wing Area 24.00m2
Empty Weight 1030kg
Max.Weight 1600kg
Speed 320km/h
Ceiling 8200m
Armament 3-4*mg7.62mm

DI-4, A.Laville

Two-seat fighter. The DI-4 was a high-wing monoplane, with a gull wing and twin tail fins. It had much better performance than the DI-3 biplane, but the monoplane design was viewed with some suspicion.

A.Laville design team included S.N.Lushin and S.A.Lavochkin

Flight trials began on January 4, 1932. Yu.I.Piontkovskij performed 2 flights, V.P.Chkalov (one, with factory director Gantman). Most of flights - B.L.Bukhgolts.

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